MIP Consulting Kreidetafel

MIP – Medici In Posterum GmbH

The MIP Medici in Posterum GmbH – als known in its abbreviated form as MIP – comprises an experienced and dynamic team whose aim is to facilitate the interaction of foreign professionals into the German market.

The Pillars of our Work

Consulting is an elementary pillar of our work ethic. MIP follows a systemic and holistic approach to specialized consulting. Proper consulting encourages independent decision making in one’s trajectory of a career and education, enabling necessary conditions for a self determined way of life while thereby considering personal, organisation and societal conditions on a case-to-case basis. Our focus in MIP lies on the labor market integration, education and qualification.

Each person should be provided with the opportunity to advance his or her professional development in order to build a livelihood and a career. This entails the equal and proper access of foreign skilled workers to the labor market, by means of proper qualifications. To ensure high and long lasting quality standards -- particularly in regulated professions – individual solutions are needed. Tailor-made language and qualification measures are the elementary component of our work, to enable a sustainable integration of foreign skilled workers to the German labor market. In the field of healthcare professionals, MIP offers respective qualification measures for doctors and pharmacists.

The integration of foreign skilled workers in the labor market is a primary concern of our work: our commitment and motivation. MIP regards integration- particularly labor integration- as a societal duty for the creation of access, design and participation opportunities. This is  why we also strive to network all institutions involved in the professional recognition process, to ensure transparent, reliable and efficient ways in enabling our clients‘ recognition procedure and their integration in the German labor market.

Your contact persons

Elmar Kretschmer

MBA, Mag. iur.
Telefon: +49 6131 21 44-840