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IQ-Z Akademische Heilberufe - Apotheker für die Zukunft

Pharmacists who want to exercise their profession in Germany need an approbation. In Rhineland-Palatinate it is compulsory to pass both a language and a knowledge test. In Rhineland-Palatinate those tests are carried out by the state chamber of pharmacist of Rhineland-Palatinate. The experience of the past years has shown that those obstacles, without a deliberate preparation, cause a great number of candidates to fail.

To ensure that pharmacists who have attained their credentials abroad can work prospectively in their professional field, the state chamber of pharmacists and the IQ state network Rhineland-Palatinate have partnered and mutually developed the „IQ Apotheker für die Zukunft“ project. Nationwide it is the first qualification measure of its kind.

The idea to blend language and professional learning and embed it via practical activity is fundamental. Once a week the participants therefore visit a subject-specific course. This course also coaches and picks up on pharmaceutical topics, which will be taught in block instruction by specialists. At the same time all participants work at a pharmacy and will be professionally supported by their respective employers. All linguistic difficulties which may occur will again be treated in the language course. At the end of the course all participants – now well prepared – can pass the required tests. They then receive the approbation and are allowed to work nationwide.